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What Are Google Ads & How Do They Work?

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If you’ve ever scrolled through the internet, chances are you’ve come across Google Ads. But what exactly are they, and how do they work? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform where advertisers pay per ad click.

Google Ads is a great way to attract qualified customers who are actively searching for products and services similar to what you offer. With Google Ads Agency, you can drive traffic to your website and increase queries.

How Do Google Ads Work?

There are three participants in the Google Ads process: searchers, advertisers, and the Google Ads platform. All 3 are responsible for making Google Ads work so businesses can sell more and customers can find (and potentially buy) products and services that meet their needs.

Here are the details of what happened behind the Google Ads scenario:

  1. Advertisers bid on keywords in Google advertisements
    Keyword bidding is how advertisers tell Google which keywords they want their ads to show for in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Advertisers often set a daily budget for individual keywords or campaigns.
    You can also adjust your ads to fit your budget, regardless of the size of your business or available resources. Google Ads tools allow you to stay within your monthly limit and even pause or stop your ads at any time.
  2. The potential customer looks up a keyword on Google
    Next, the potential customer searches for a keyword on which an advertiser has bid. On the SERP, they will see ads for products or services that are closely related to the intent of their query. The order of the ads they see is largely determined by ad rank.
  3. Google shows ads for that keyword based on ad rank
    When the user enters a search into the Google search bar and a keyword’s SERP appears, Google quickly works in the background, a process called ad ranking.
Benefits of  Google Ads
  • Instant Visibility
    With Google Ads, businesses can instantly appear at the top of search results, putting them right in front of potential customers when they’re most likely to make a purchase decision.
  • Targeted Reach
    Google Ads allow businesses to target their ads to specific locations, demographics, and interests, ensuring that they reach the right audience with their message.
  • Measurable Results
    Unlike traditional advertising methods, Google Ads provide detailed insights into ad performance, including clicks, impressions, and conversions, allowing businesses to track their return on investment (ROI) effectively.
  • Flexibility and Control
    Businesses have full control over their ad campaigns, including budget allocation, ad messaging, and targeting parameters, giving them the flexibility to adjust their strategy as needed to achieve their goals.

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